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I'm Kamila. I was born and live in Kazakhstan.
My age 36 years old. I have a good job and a stable income. I can communicate in several languages, apart from English.

If you distrust my selfless goal or if you think I will confirm something for you or make excuses! Best to forget this message!
Without a doubt, like any woman, I want a husband and children. My main goal is to start communicating and more with a man, maybe virtually.

For me age is actually that it is not the main thing. I myself am no longer a girl at all. In addition, I see myself as a charming and intelligent girl.

I'm good at cooking and don't like a mess in the house. If you need such a woman, let's try.

My real goal is to see a positive, stable man who has plans for the future in life.

Someone who will not cause pity because of something in the past. Someone who wants to rise and develop.

If your goal is just to get a laugh or lust, there will be no continuation.
I will be happy to get acquainted with an interesting man, I am waiting for a picture and some information about you!

Write to me.

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